Hypoxylon Canker Kills Oak Trees

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Hypoxylon Canker, an oak tree infection.

For the prevention of serious fungal matt hypoxylon canker oaks disease, it’s important to ensure that oak trees are healthy and strong. Common oak fungus attacks all varieties of oak trees in Mansfield including Texas red, Texas white, Black, White, Laurel, others.

The best way to diagnose is with an Arborist tree professional or experienced tree doctor company.

This rapidly-progressing pathogen does not target trees that have been stressed by urban development or the forces of nature. The drainage issues that can weaken oak trees are caused by tree roots being suffocated due to construction and compacted soil.

Stress and weakness can result from environmental factors like hail, flooding or extreme heat. This deadly fungal disease doesn’t affect oak trees that are strong and healthy. For your trees’ health and safety, it is crucial to work with a Mansfield-certified arborist.

By using the trees’ chemicals, they create pheromones which attract other insects to inflict and weaken their immune system. This will make the beetles more productive and healthier and allow them to raise their offspring to thrive.


Diagnosing Hypoxylon Canker

For Hypoxylon canker to be detected on your trees, it’s important that you hire a Certified Arborist in Mansfield TX. The area can show many symptoms of Hypoxylon Canker disease trees.

The affected area will initially develop a reddish-brown, olive green, crusty appearance. This eventually progresses to grey surface flakes. These flakes eventually fall off the oak tree within six to twelve months, giving it a brownish or black crusty appearance.

These patches become much larger in later stages and cover the trunk as well as major tree branches. These are fungal mats. Unfortunately, it can be too late for trees to be saved when the signs start to become apparent. An infected post-oak tree is a risk to other Post-Oaks on the property.

Mansfield Tree Service & Stump Grinding should be contacted if you see any signs that your trees may be suffering from a weaker or more unhealthy condition.

A certified arborist will diagnose the tree properly and can accurately test for weaken.


Hypoxylon Canker: Treatment

To properly treat Hypoxylon Canker on trees, it is important to find a Certified Tree Doctor in Mansfield, TX. Hypoxylon Canker can’t be treated. The best way to prevent this severe oak disease is to keep your trees healthy and strong.

Deep root fertilization should be done annually to ensure your trees are strong and healthy. A Mansfield arborist can help you take proactive steps if your tree has been affected by stress.

The tree doctor can diagnose and treat post oak decline. They will maximize and strengthen root systems using techniques such as deep root fertilization, microinjections and vertical soil drying. These methods can be used aggressively to improve the soil environment and stimulate root growth. Leaf spots can also occur if the canopy is noticeably thinner.

Mansfield arborists may recommend trimming to remove any infected branches. If the tree has been infected by the fungal disease, our arborist may recommend the removal. This is because trees that are severely damaged can pose a threat to the health of others.

An experienced tree care service company is necessary for proper diagnosis, treatment, and pruning.

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Hypoxylon Canker Safe Tree Treatments

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