Oak Wilt Identification Mansfield TX


Red Oak Trees Oak wilt might be a serious problem in your oak trees. Wilting of leaf tips can occur in red oak trees. This will cause brown chlorosis and eventually wilting backward to the veins. We offer a free consultation if you have Oak Wilt on your tree in Mansfield.

You may notice it on many leaves or branches. This could lead to one or more trees’ canopy becoming brown. Your red oak trees may wilt for other reasons, including bacterial leaf scorch another name (BLS), and the infestation of borer beetles. It is important to have an oak wilt lab test performed by Texas A&M.


LIVE Oak – Oak Wilt Identification

First step is to find oak Wilt. We can help!

Live Oaks can be easier to identify when oak wilt occurs. You can see the obvious vein part of the leaf turning dark brown.

This condition, veinal neurosis is also known, and is very easy to identify. To diagnose oak Wilt disease, it is highly recommended you contact an Mansfield Arborist. Oak Wilt Disease can be confirmed through a laboratory test.


How does Oak Wilt Spread

Oak wilt is almost always caused by oaks. Oak wilt disease can affect any species of red oak. As fungal spores grow beneath the bark system, the sap eating beetles (Nitidulid Beetles), may become contaminated. They will then fly to other healthy trees. This is one of many reasons why Live Oak and red oak trees contract tree disease.

Oak Wilt Pathogen causes nearly all red oaks to die. The pathogen can also pass through the root systems of red oaks. Because trees live in a cluster, they will spread it to their neighbors. Live Oaks may also transmit the disease through their root systems, since they are usually found in large groups.


Oak Wilt Prevention

We will show you how to combat Oak Wilt Spread. The other way to combat this aggressive pathogen is to REMOVE the infected plant, even if it fails.

For healthy trees, you will need to create an aggressive root barrier. You must trench at least 4 ft. It is important not to crush the root flare, but rather grind it until you reach dirt below.

Also, remove any grained wood mass or shavings. It is critical that you not keep any firewood originating from infected oak disease trees in Mansfield. Last but not the least, make sure to get rid of all infected foliage from your property.

Remember that leaves can carry the disease so that you don’t have to mow the lawn. This will cause the leaves to turn into compost which will then lead to the disease spreading to other trees.

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Oak Wilt Treatment. Keep Your Tree Healthy and Safe!

It is essential to treat healthy trees if there are no signs of oak wilt. Oak Wilt has been prevented by several different fungicides.


How to treat Oak Wilt

Oak Wilt can be treated in the traditional way by exposing its root flare and injecting it with Alamo Propiconazole fungicide into the trunk. To maintain the health and longevity of your red and live oak trees, it may be necessary to re-treat them the following season.

Systemic deep roots fertilization is another option that’s highly recommended. This allows your trees to remain strong and healthy and can help combat Oak Wilt and insects.

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