Pine Tip Blight Disease Treatment in Mansfield TX


Pine Tip Blight can be caused by several factors. Pine tip Blight, also known by other names such as Diplodia Tip Blight and pine needle blight are fungal diseases that affect pine trees. Mansfield arborists are familiar with this disease and how it can affect the beautiful pine trees that grace our neighborhoods. This disease is able to survive the winter months and infiltrate trees through injuries and wounds. It then becomes more active during the wet season and the first signs of spring. As new needles become shorter, yellower, and eventually turn tan and brown, it quickly causes irreparable damage. The new needle growth each year is often killed and, in extreme cases, even the branches are destroyed.

The disease starts at the bottom of the tree and progresses upward. Pine needle blight can be devastating to very young seedling trees. However, older fir trees (30 years or older) are more at risk from this disease. This is because they have been exposed to stress and other physical injuries that could weaken them. This deadly fungus prefers older residential trees like those in Mansfield. They rarely target firs younger than fifteen years. You should contact an arbor professional immediately if your pine tree has pine needle blight.


The diagnosis of pine tip blight

For a Mansfield-certified arborist, diagnosis is quick and easy. You can see the fungus visually by tiny black dots, resembling black pepper, on infected pine needles, cones, bark, and infected bark. This is a sign that Diplodia fungus has infected the tree service professional. They will inspect the cones, bark, needles, and cones for small specks. These dots can often be found on the ground from fallen cones and needles. To prevent the spread of the potentially deadly infectious disease, it is essential to rake and remove all cones and dead needles. The presence of small resin-like droplets on dead needles could also be a problem. An experienced tree specialist will inspect them carefully to see if these droplets are present. After confirmation, an arbor care professional in Mansfield will provide advice on how to restore the tree’s health and create a schedule of regular maintenance to maintain the tree’s health.


Pine Tip Blight Disease is the best treatment

The best Mansfield arborists can help you to fight pine tip disease and minimize it. You should choose fir varieties less susceptible to Pine Tip Blight. Also, ensure that the soil is properly drained and not compacted during construction. These steps will ensure the roots are properly fed. A professional tree company can help you remove infected limbs. For firs that have good drainage, deep root fertilization is essential to ensure they are strong and resistant. Fungicides are used to combat pine tip blight and should be applied by professional arborists. Call Mansfield Tree Service & Stump Grinding best arborist to get a plan and schedule for removing this potentially deadly fir disease.